The gayest colour

Surfing the web tonight looking at all the great images and tweets about #SpiritDay which, more often than not, were in varying shades of purple, I came across this short article aptly named ‘A Brief History of the Gayest Color’.  Not only a brief history of ‘the gayest colour’, but also a super brief history of Spirit Day, October 19 – the international day for wearing purple and showing your support to stop bullying of our LGBT youth.

Attributing purple as a colour to identify as homosexual as far back as the 1850′s, references to Oscar Wilde, and the birth of Vogue magazine, ‘A Brief History of the Gayest Color’ makes for an interesting and quick read.

And, while not everyone will agree that purple is the gayest colour, or that this is the most historically accurate article, it’s still an enjoyable notion and worth five minutes.


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Source: Advocate

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