A whirlwind ride for marriage equality around the world.

A whirlwind ride for marriage equality around the world.

Well, what an amazing whirlwind ride for marriage equality around the world these last couple of days!


Firstly, Spain has reaffirmed marriage equality in a constitutional court ruling – Spain’s highest court, the Constitutional Court, has ruled that gay marriage is protected under the Spanish Constitution.  Great news for Spain!  While same sex marriage has been legal in Spain for seven years and is supported by the majority of Spain’s population, conservatives have been fighting it from within the Spanish government.  That fight is now over and marriage equality is the winner on the day.  For more details, follow this link to LGBT Nation’s article.


Secondly, voters came out in huge numbers to support marriage equality votes in the US states of Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota.  Outstanding!  And while Minnesota is not likely to call the results just yet, it’s looking good, and the results in the other three states have all been called in support of marriage equality.  A fantastic campaign was run by The Four 2012 and others, pushing marriage equality to the forefront on the ballot, helped by celebrity endorsement by the likes of Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt and other fantastic musicians and actors.  We mentioned how nice it is to garner the attention of celebs not that long ago in this short blog, so it does go to show how important it can be!  Congratulations to all those that helped in the US election 2012.


And, add to this, back home here in New Zealand, Louisa Wall was asked to give the opening submission on her Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill today.  She stressed to the select committee that denying marriage equality was denying a human right that should be available to all New Zealanders.  Also reported was the expectation that the Bill will face opposition from conservatives and religious groups.  For the full article, click here.  For more about those that are opposed the bill, here is a short blog we wrote about their campaigning – if anything, it demonstrates how important it is for us not to become complacent in our own campaigning for marriage equality simply because written submissions have closed.


By the way, check out Louisa’s wrist in the Stuff article – she’s sporting the newest marriage equality fashion accessory – one of our very own New Zealand Campaign for Marriage Equality wrist bands – stay glued to our web site as they’ll be going on sale very soon or email us now campaign@nzmarriageequality.co.nz, if you can’t wait, but keep campaigning no matter what, until we get these wristbands (see the image below) up and available for sale, if you haven’t already see our downloads for your gadget here and download like a whirlwind!!


New Zealand Campaign for Marriage Equality wristband SET

New Zealand Campaign for Marriage Equality wristband (set)

Photo credits: PHIL REID/Fairfax NZ,  S. Kidd

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