Day 5 of the marriage equality challenge – we’re half way there!

Hi all

We’ve reached day 5 of the marriage equality challenge (and Friday!), so we’re half way there!

Today’s challenge is to email a marriage equality postcard image to your MP.

If you don’t know who your electorate MP is, you can find your electorate here .
Once you’ve filled in your address and found your electorate, click on “2011 election results” (under either general electorate or Maori electorate) and the winning candidate is your electorate MP.  Too easy, right!  And, here you’ll find our MPs contact list for their email address.

The marriage equality postcard images are here.  Right click on your preferred image and click copy, then paste it into your email.  Add a short personal message in support of marriage equality and send it off.  If you want to tailor your message based on how your MP voted, check out their marriage equality votes to date here.

Happy emailing!


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One of four postcard designs to send to your MP.

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