Day 6 of the marriage equality challenge (the “tell everyone” edition)

Well it’s Saturday, its day 6 and the marriage equality challenge continues!  But Saturday is such a social day, and Saturday night is such a great day for catching up with friends and family, that we need a fun marriage equality challenge!

So, today’s challenge is to tell everyone about it – that’s right, spread the word and try to get everyone you know to take just one action in support of marriage equality.  So, find us on Facebook and share a link to one of our marriage equality challenge posts.  Or create your own post, using the marriage equality postcard image below, and ask everyone to email their MP (the day 5 challenge tells you how to find your MP and what their email address is here or go directly to our MP contacts page here.

You could also email all your friends and family with the marriage equality image below and ask them to send the image to their MP, with a couple of sentences explaining why they support marriage equality.

Although this is a fun challenge, there’s a serious reason for it, and that reason is that we’re currently being drowned out by the enormous amounts of action being taken by those who are opposed to marriage equality (adverts in national and local publications and literally thousands of emails and letters to MPs).

One of the big things that those opposed to marriage equality are doing is threatening MPs with parliamentary eviction if they dare to vote for equality. We must make sure our MPs know that their decision to support marriage equality is supported by a huge number of New Zealanders from all walks of life.

There’s only a few days left, so please make sure our voices are heard loud and clear!

And, have a great Saturday night!


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