Get Involved

You might be thinking now, hmmmmm, how can I get more involved?  Simple question with a simple answer.  Now!  You can get involved right now!


Number one: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with marriage equality events.

Number two: Email your MP and let him/her know why you support marriage equality.  Find your MP at this web site – enter your address, click “search” and then click “2011 election results” – the winning candidate is your MP.  Once you know your MP’s name, their email address is (where “firstname” and “lastname” are your MP’s first and last names) or click here for an MP contact list.

Number three: Email us ( and we’ll send you a marriage equality postcard image to email to your MP,  or your can download several of our images here.

Number four: Email us ( and we’ll send you some marriage equality information sheets to email to your MP.

Number five: Email your friends and family and ask them to support marriage equality by also doing these five things.  Share our Facebook posts on your own Facebook page.

You can find more information below too, including details of other community organisations who would welcome your support and also other ideas to help with making marriage equality a reality in New Zealand.



Each day leading up to the third and final reading before Parliament (Wednesday 17 April 2013) we will be inviting you to take a part in our marriage equality challenge.  You can check out each challenge below:

DAY 9   |   DAY 8   |  DAY 7   |   DAY 6   |   DAY 5   |   DAY 4   |   DAY 3   |   DAY 2   |   DAY 1



From this point on, we’re focusing our campaign back to lobbying our local MPs.  With that in mind, we’re encouraging everyone to email their MP and demonstrate their support for marriage equality and the request for their MP to do likewise in the upcoming vote.   This link will take you to our MP contact list page, where you can find all your MPs email addresses, or this one, will show you not only their contact details, but also how they voted in the last two readings and their electorate.  Finally, in case you’ve forgotten who your MP is, this link, will take you to an external site where you can type your address and work out exactly which electorate you’re in.

Back to lobbying!  A fun way to do this, other than just a plain email, is to download and post (for free!) a customised ‘I DO’ postcard to your MP, or any MP, you can send this to one, two, or ALL MPs in our parliament, its up to you and whether or not you’ve got enough ink in your pen!!

There are four amazing postcard images to choose from, all with the same message which reads:

I’m writing to ask you to please vote in favour of marriage equality when the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill is voted on again in Parliament.  If you want more information on why marriage equality matters, please visit 

Just choose from any of the postcards below, and click to download, print it out, fold it in half, pop a staple at the top to hold it in place and you’re good to go – easy.

The more we let our MPs know that we all want marriage equality, the more likely they will vote for it (or continue to vote for it).  So, please send this link all your family and friends, or download those postcards and email them to your friends and family and ask them to please print them out and post them.  It’s important to remember that those who oppose equality for our community are working hard to ensure that this bill is not passed.

If you don’t want to send them a postcard this way, or time is running out, you can simply download and attach a copy of one to any email you send, or one of the other downloadable images available here.

Just remember, while our opponents may appear to have overwhelming numbers, and deep pockets, we have an amazing community and an overwhelming desire for equality – so get signing and posting!



If you’re in Auckland, feel free to email us to find out when we’re meeting next so you can come along and share your ideas for the campaign, we would love to have you with us!  We’re not the only campaigners working hard around town either – check out the websites of our friends around the country, where you can get in touch and help out in any way you like.

WTF! have recently updated their new website, which looks superb!  Click here to visit it and see what they’re up to.

If you’re in Wellington, get in touch with our friends down there to see how you can help out with the campaign.  Visit their website or email them directly to find out more.

In other areas, you can find the amazing Legalise Love teams – they’re nationwide, and are also working hard for our equal rights.  Here’s the link to their website, check them out!