Oh no! You’re too late! Or are you?

Public submissions to the Government Administration Select Committee for the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill have now closed. But that’s nowhere near the end of the process.

From this point, the Select Committee will hold public hearings for those submitters who wanted to appear before the Committee. Once all submissions have been considered, the Committee will return to the House of Representatives with its report on the Bill.

For a full rundown of how this part of our democratic system works, and what happens after the Select Committee is done, click here to learn more about how laws are made in New Zealand – you might be surprised to learn that our politicians do more than simply yell at each other all day!

There is still lots that you can do to help with ensuring this Bill is passed and marriage equality is made law in New Zealand. Check back with us regularly, as we will be updating this site with more information and new initiatives to enable you, our community, and our friends and families to show support for achieving equal rights for all Kiwis.

In the meantime, why not read a couple of our short blogs – here’s one about submissions made in support of marriage equality (click here) and here’s a super quick one that leads to an article with some great quotes from celebs who fully support marriage equality (click here). Before you go, download yourself some wallpaper, spread the word and get your gadget campaigning too.

Well, we take it back, you’re not too late!  You’re just in time.


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